in the past few weeks I have:

  • sorted, boxed and donated 75% of library to Oxfam (ditto multiple bin liners of textiles/clothes)
  • worked with brother to clear my loft – the nest in which I built a PhD and part-sorted papers
  • vacated my bedroom so it and rest of house cd be painted in neutrals so bland I can no longer sleep there
  • applied for and received visa permit 457 temporary business – a process much much harder than getting the job
  • cancelled standing orders and notified some/not all utilities
  • opened an Australian bank account – and acquired a currency broker
  • learned that I could not take my mobile or any laptop into Australia – and that everyone does
  • realised that not having an Australian address is a real problem but unable to get one pre=arrival
  • finally selected and air/sea freight service from the multiple quotes – ranging from £150 to £1500 for what may or may not be the same content – hard to say as each supplier uses a different unit of measurement – do you know the volumetric meterage of your clothes and books???
  • cut keys, signed contract with letting agency – to no effect as yet
  • had a lovely week with my sister in Greece
  • said goodbye in person to dad, brother, sister and nephew – more farewells to follow
  • watched my home become a house
  • agreed to be external examiner for PR at Stirling University and to deliver session there next week
  • outlined ‘teaching professional ethics’ workshop for teaching and research day at Charles Sturt, on arrival – meeting on a campus 700km from Bathurst
  • come down with flu