Great start to new job – school-wide all day review of courses. Not everyone’s idea of fun, granted, but a brilliant way for me to grasp the issues and conflicts and change and innovation taking place around me. Much of it a string of acronyms: ACPR means Part A will go to CASUS (yeah, right). But some great pitches from senior policy makers to embrace some big changes in assessments and to move away from compliance/tick box approaches to change towards a value-driven culture. Have heard such stuff before over the years but here, they’re still backing rhetoric with cash not cuts. Lots of stuff from my course leader years came back, translated into Australian.

Also good way to connect with colleagues, to raise research issues and get a feel for the department/school – feels good, especially the presence of drama, circus and other performance arts teachers and students – think it’s going to be a creative atmosphere. V touched by bunch of flowers given by a colleague – see below.

Tomorrow, some of us are driving 700 kms to another CSU campus for a conference on education – Albury-Wodonga campus said to be v ecological and beautiful – will take camera.