Wonderful weekend at yet another of Jane and David’s residences, this time deep in the bush, at Glen Davis, NSW 2846, in what is billed as the widest canyon in the world.

Looked straight out of prehistoric landscape, an impression reinforced by sighting this, en route:

It’s called a goanna (rhymes with johanna, but hope the resemblance stops there).

Also saw:  black cockatoo

babbler bird:  black faced cuckoo shrike

Soundtrack was supplied by stereophonic frog chorus. Night sky juicy with hot stars, only familiar objects an upside down Orion and the Pleaides, for which thanks. Physical interactions consisted of being completely punctured by particularly vicious mosquitoes, who raised welts only matched by clumsy brush with barbed wire fence. Luckily a neighbour had ready supply of aloe vera plants so I applied some good natural healing – it works.

The attached photo album covers shots of the valley; the Rylstone country fair; Jane and me on a bush walk

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