I bought a pocket-sized cam corder thing to capture the wonders of Far North Queensland, as a result of which I have several hours’ recording of the lining of my shorts. Could be a new art form I suppose, but I’ll spare the full muffled horror and edit the highlights.

Another technical hitch occurred when we got to the Barrier Reef and it was allunder water! Who knew? Rats, my unwaterproof cheap shit video whatsit might as well carry on with its intra-clothing surveillance. Instead, finally togged in wet suit, depth weights (not so many needed), O2 tank, mask and semaphore signals to tell my guide if I hit trouble,  I turned on my inner cam corder, opened the lens of my heart and flew over the underworld in a state of … can you have humbled glory? If my jaw  hadn’t been clenched to the mouthpiece, it’d have been open. I had simply no idea that one life form, the coral, could be so multiplicitous (?). While the names given to the coral were pedestrian in the extreme – if it’s flat and round, it’s plate coral; if its long and frondy, it’s spaghetti c; if it looks like a mushroom, well you can guess the rest. My favourite was the blue antler coral, but it was the combination of structures, textures and colours that was overwhelming, all studded with jewel fish darting drifting schooling about. And, yes, the ‘Nemo’ fish got a check, hiding in the maroon anemone coral. I had the offer of another scuba dive but was too busy processing the first. Now I’m back I want to do it again, train properly, spend my pension, that kind of thing. A real experience.


Just tried to upload video and am told it can’t be shown for ‘security reasons’ ??????? Will try later