Travelling back from visit to Leeds met uni and my old dentist (cheaper to fly round the world than get it done in Oz), time to reflect on trip home…. In past fortnight, I’ve arrived in LHR, met by sister and niece, where I’m staying, visited my dad and my brother, & spent time in Leeds, inc. visit to old house (now much loved by 3 phd students but still waiting patiently for me to come back) and old friends. V odd sense that it is completely normal to be lounging on Kate’s sofa, or having tea with dad, so much so I’m surprised to find Australian currency in my wallet. Feel as if I have multiple parallel lives, in Bathurst, London, Leeds and California. Makes me bit dizzy sometimes.
Then flat out all last week at huge ICA conference at the Hilton metropole, Edgware road, not the most salubrious showcase for my home town. Presented two papers (one co authored), chaired a session and ran around seeking stimulus. Best session was philosophy of communication panel on a new term to me, the precariat, a category of the disenfranchised or de-institutionalised. Multiple part time workers for e.g. Ron Arnett made case for strengthening institutions in hard times, tho they all seem to be unravelling. I raised issue of planetary ethics and public relations’ responsibility for global culture. Literature bangs on about duty to stakeholders but who is not a stakeholder in globalised economy. Culturally too, P R has contributed to and benefitted from consumerism, maybe it’s time to acknowledge its part in the larger crisis? Not sure other pr academics v taken by this but got invite to submit to v prestigious ethics journal so will keep raising these issues. Suspect this is my theme for next few years…….
England whiz zing past my window, very lush, with so many shades of green unavailable to the primary frequencies of Australian light. Miss the sky though and its been colder in UK summer than NSW winter it seems.
Next challenge is prepping for Barcelona conference July 1-4, which shd be fun as both Leah and Kate coming with. Yay. Then final round of family visits, and back to Oz for a fortnight before setting off again to Chicago conference of Jungian scholars. Either in a very productive cycle or completely insane…..