Since I first arrived in later 2011, I’ve been meaning to compile a list of everyday words from conversation and media previously unfamiliar to me. If I don’t start now, I’ll forget …. Haven’t looked up their origins, so this is my translation, may correct and update later.

  • Stoush – stand off, argument (usually political)
  • Spruik – promote, somewhat shamelessly
  • A stand-over guy – thug, heavy
  • peak body – professional association
  • Eskie – coolbox ( for beers, natch)
  • pollies – politicians

General rule – take first syllable and add ‘o’ to form new word, as in rego (registration), servo (service station), arvo (afternoon) etc.

or ‘ie’, as in pollies (politicians), rellies (relatives), schoolies (end of school year holidays)



  • bludger – as in dole bludger
  • furfy – not sure, some kind of fraud


And today,  the lovely Jane Mills sent me this link to a wonderful guide to Strine, which answers everything.