This page will reflect and review my consumption of Australian literature, TV, documentaries, movies and other arts. Creative arts provide an illuminating shortcut to a culture and I hope my choices and readings will help make sense to me and readers of how it is to be Australian today.

So far my cultural highlights have been:

Canning Stock Route exhibition at the Australian Museum

Patrick Olodoodi (Alatuti) Tjungurrayi points to the places in his painting, 'Canning Stock Route Country', that represent the waterholes that became stock route wells.

Peter Temple’s detectives in Melbourne’s underbelly

Peter Carey’s characters from Theft

The trees in Murray Bail’s Eucalyptus…. 

Still processing this – seem to have fallen for eucalypti – so far can identify ironbark, box but want to know more, more. So now reading Gum by Ashely Hay Gum

The Tall Man documentary on a death in custody and its aftermath,

Read a wonderful book at the weekend, Demanding the Impossible by Sylvia Lawson –

it combines historical insight into key moments of rebellion and resistance – in East Timor particularly, but also May 68, and other celebrated points of defiance, interleaved with reminiscences between friends who gather to protest but also talk about lipstick and review their own tiredness of struggle and being right, on the losing side. Helped explain the background to Balibo, a marvellous film about the deaths of 6 journalists in East Timor and the decades long fight to expose what happened to them and the cover up that followed

Balibo Poster